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Off piste skiing lessons in Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry

We love off piste skiing at AIM Snowsports. After all, before ski resorts developed skiing off piste was the original skiing!


Skiing off piste requires a broader range of skills than required skiing on piste as the terrain and environment are so varied.


Skiing off piste also opens up a new sense of adventure and gives a wonderful feeling of being amongst nature beyond that found skiing on the piste.

At AIM Snowsports, we know that off piste skiing is a challenge achievable to all confident piste skiers.  


Les Arcs is the perfect place to take up that skiing challenge. Les Arcs has incredible side and backcountry terrain and is perfect for making your first off piste turns.

In addition, skiing off piste includes more hazards which require experience and good judgement to recognise and avoid.  Off piste ski instructors and off piste guides at Aim Snowsports, regard safety as paramount.

Confident off piste skiers will enjoy the vast areas of off piste and famous routes such as the Aiguille Rouge, Aiguille Grive and Comborciere regions.

Off piste meaning

Piste is a French word for track, which means the marked and, often, groomed tracks down the mountain that skiers and snowboarders use to explore the ski domain.

Off piste means literally off the track. Off piste skiers explore the vast areas around ski resorts, which can be found untouched days after snow fall.


For even the most advanced skiers, a trained guide is needed to ski off piste. The guide is not only trained and qualified but also experienced in safe route navigation, avalanche avoidance and in finding the best snow conditions.

Skiing off piste, away from the ski area, requires additional safety kit. The minimum recommended kit is a backpack containing a shovel, a probe and also the skier should wear a transceiver.  


The most important factor though, is that the skier is trained in how to use the equipment in the case of an emergency and practises regularly.


Other items include an inflatable airbag safety system and an Avalung. However safety kit is NO substitute for knowledge and experience.

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