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Childrens ski lessons in Les Arcs

AIM Snowsports kids lessons cover Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry.  Teaching children to ski and snowboard  is one of our favourite things to do. 


Kids learn quickly through playing games and having fun. This is the way we love to teach them too!


Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry offer fabulous teaching terrain for children of all ages and abilities. 

Whether it's building confidence with ski lessons on nursery slopes, or exploring the forest with the abundant tree runs, Les Arcs is a fantastic adventure playground for children.


When teaching children, people skills are all important and our AIM Snowsports instructors will firstly engage with the children and through discussion will build rapport and trust.  Through this discussion and the early part of the lesson, the instructor will learn the likes and dislikes of the children and understand how to position the ski lesson to get the right balance of enjoyment and progression.  The ultimate goal of the AIM Snowsports instructor is that the child will love their ski lesson and want to continue learning and improving.


Typically a kids ski lesson may involve some drills and exercises with some experimentation as well in a fun and open learning environment.  This needs to be balanced with the other fun stuff, skiing a variety of terrain, bumps, jumps and exploring the huge area that Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry covers.  The continuous progression through the week builds confidence in the learner and the AIM Snowsports instructor will consciously balance the confidence of the children to ensure that safety is still the primary concern.


For AIM Snowsports instructors, teaching kids to ski is very different to teaching adults to ski as their high energy and short span of attention means the lesson needs to be engaging.  As children progress year after year, we have the continued privilege of taking them on to the next level and developing their skills further.  Some the best skiers we ski with are the children that we have taught over many years.


For AIM Snowsports instructors, teaching kids about skiing does not just mean teaching them the technical aspects of good ski technique.  Our instructors will also discuss safety matters, including the rules of the piste.  Our instructors will also encourage the kids to be responsible, both whilst skiing, individually and as a group and also whilst using the chairlifts. In addition, our instructors try to instil an appreciation for the wonderful environment that the mountains provide us.


Beginner children

AIM Snowsports instructors will prioritise giving kids a fun and enjoyable start to skiing.  Progression will not come if the child is not enjoying themselves and worse still they may not wish to continue if they do not find the enjoyment first.  After making their first turns on the beginner slopes, the AIM Snowsports instructor will try to encourage them to move into parallel turns, working on the skills required to do so.  Parents will be encouraged and guided how to best help their children to progress.  It is common for parents to unknowingly prevent their children from progressing with their excitement by being too adventurous too early.  Encouraging the subtleties of good technique rather than the more obvious challenge of gradient will lay a good foundation for later progress.


Intermediate children

These tend to be the type of child skier that can get around most slopes but uses a snowplough, little or often and does not use their poles effectively.  They can keep up with mum and dad and go pretty quickly but they do not have the versatility or fundamentals to ski more advanced terrain like off-piste or bumps.


Advanced children

These children have had regular lessons every year they have skied and ski with good technique around the entire mountain.  They can ski off-piste, bumps and use skills like carving and skidding in a skilfull way matching the changing terrain and snow conditions.  Mum and dad cannot always keep up and they are relying on their AIM Snowsports instructor to challenge and entertain their child or teenager.


Private group lessons

As a small ski school, we choose to run private group lessons only.  This means you are welcome to organise your own group of children within a lesson, sharing with your friends and their families with children of similar age and ability.  As the lesson is private, you can share the instructor amongst however many children you have up to a maximum of 8.  The effectiveness and enjoyment of the lesson will be compromised however by too broad a mix and too large a number.

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