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Gain a ski instructor qualification with AIM Snowsports


Learn how to teach skiing from the very beginning with AIM Snowsports.  As a licensed course provider for IASI (Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors), AIM Snowsports deliver instructor training and exams in Les Arcs and the surrounding area.

IASI is a member of the International Ski Instructors Association, (  IASI qualifications are recognised across the world for their high levels of teaching and technical skiing.  You can learn more about IASI qualifications on the IASI website

The IASI qualification pathway includes 4 levels, which consist of multiple exams across various areas including technical skiing, teaching and mountain safety amongst others.  The qualifications can lead to employment opportunities across the world depending on the requirements of each individual country.

Instructor training

AIM Snowsports provide instructor training and coaching at every level of qualification.  These course provide information and education of technical skiing, as well as coaching methodologies and practises as well as off-snow training.

Level 1 Instructor exam

The level 1 instructor exam is a 6 day on snow course which teaches and then assesses the candidate's skills in teaching and technical skiing at a fundamental level.  The course introduces the candidate to the profession of ski instruction, sharing the basic principles of the ski teaching methodology.  The qualification allows the candidate to work in an indoor skiing environment or on an artificial outdoor ski slope.

Level 2 instructor exam

Example Level 1 instructor exam

10:00am meet inside La Crèche restaurant, Col de la Chal (Top of Arcabulle & Transarc lifts)

Chat to participants, decide plan for the day and collect payments.

Tool talk

Using the Transceiver, shovel & probe and best practises. Procedures in the event of an avalanche or accident.

Ski touring (option to Boot pack might be possible for those without ski touring equipment)

Introduction and familiarisation with equipment

Ski tour distance will vary depending on participants

Around 3 hours round trip will including off-piste awareness & safety.

Assessing slopes & collecting information

Snowpit analysis

Map reading, route planning

Off piste skiing with tips

(Bring your own drink & snacks)

Prices may vary according to group size and days plan but will be around 50 Euros each payable to the instructor on the day.

Please register in advance and reserve your place using the online booking system.

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