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Aim snowsports instructor Dom


Where is home for you?

Mmm, my base is in Italy, my heart is in England, my winter home is in the French Alps, so I guess the answer to this question changes depending on the time of the year ;-)

What Qualifications do you hold?

Italian Maestro (worldwide recognised ski instructor qualification)

Alpine Ski Coach 

Telemark Instructor

BASI Level 4 Ski Instructor (British qualification)

French carte professionale

What is your skiing/life experience?

I was lucky enough to be born very close to the mountains so I was thrown on the skis at the age of 3, skiing between my dad's legs to begin with and independently the year after. I've been racing until 18, when I realised I needed something more adventurous. I thought it was free-riding but quite soon I realised that the most adventurous part of this new activity wasn't the activity itself but escaping from the police as in Italy you're not always allowed to do it. That's why I also started ski touring and mountaineering. I love the feeling of getting to the top of the mountain and being alone, surrounded by incredible views, the silence and the fresh snow.

My University degree delayed my ski instructor's course, which is why I didn't get my qualification until I was 25 (quite late for the Italian standard). This, however, allowed me to get a Master's degree in Engineering, which enabled me to work in the ski industry, as R&D for Nordica to begin with, developing new technology for skis and boots, and as a product manager for Shred after, developing helmets, goggles and body protections for skiing and biking.


What is your teaching experience?

My first teaching experience was in Italy, working as a ski coach in the local ski club (children category). After a few seasons I decided to leave the ski club to teach and coach for different ski schools all around the Alps, from the Dolomites, through Austria to France. This allowed me to get in touch with people from all over the world. I fell in love with the French Alps and decided to take a gap year and stay in France for a full season… but ended up working for 6 seasons instead. I've been based for 5 years in the 3 Vallèe, working for a British ski school until last year, 2016, when I moved to Les Arcs to join a good mate of mine, JP and because… (read next)


What do you like most about Les Arcs?

…I find Les Arcs not as spoiled as other closely resorts in the French Alps. I feel it's more "familiar". The potential is huge, the ski area for both piste and specially off piste is massive but also, if you're a beginner, you can enjoy the beauty of the valley as there are a lot of easy runs that allow everybody to ski around, without being stuck on the same slope.


Why should a client choose you?

I like to use my 30 years of experience in this sport (wow i can say 30 years now!! ), linked with my passion and enthusiasm for teaching to always create new exercises, to challenge you and to make you improve, without even realizing it. All this, seasoned with a charming and delicate Italian accent ;-)

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